Electrolysis for Men


Electrolysis for Men

Electrolysis as Permanent Hair Removal Grooming option for men. It’s not just about a hair cut and beard trim any more.

Long gone are the days of just going to the barber for a cut, trim and discreet hair removal. Todays men pay attention to detail. Men want to feel sexy, attractive and well groomed. Men have the same concerns about unwanted and unsightly body hair.

The Following Areas are Available to be Treated for Permanent  Hair Removal

* Nevus: A note from your primary care Doctor or Dermatologist is required to remove hair from moles.

MEN: *If you have a medical skin condition being exacerbated by hirsutism( excessive hair growth) and NOT skin irritation from shaving, waxing and tweezing, a referral from a Dermatologist is required.

Subject To Intimate Area Pricing:

30 Minutes – $125.00

 60 Minutes – $175.00

Shaft of penis

Genital area


inner thighs (bikini line)

Inner gluteus (anus & between inner buttocks)

Perineal region(between scrotum & anus)


Esthetical grooming
Ear hairs
Skin complications
Ingrown hairs
Beard sculpting or (shaping)

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“Electrolysis doesn’t take time, it gives time.”

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