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Electrolysis for Men

Electrolysis is the best permanent hair removal grooming option for men. It’s not just about a haircut & beard trim any more. Gone are the days of just going to the barber for a haircut, beard trim, and discreet hair removal. Today’s men pay attention to detail. Men want to feel sexy, attractive, and well-groomed. Men have the same concerns about unwanted and unsightly body hair as women do.
Men’s personal grooming styles, fashion, and one’s own desire for a “crisp look” are all improved with electrolysis. The final look is in the details! It’s important in a man’s personal & professional lives. Hair-free ears, a clean neck & nape line, and a shaped (sculpted) beard will make you feel incredible. You can even have a 5 o’clock shadow that looks like you spent time getting it to look just that way!
Man with clean back from electrolysis
Athletes choose to have permanent hair removal to increase their speed and to end problems associated with temporary hair removal methods of ingrown hairs, acne etc.
Hirsutism – (excess hair growth) is usually caused by hormones called androgens. Either more androgens are being produced than are present in the average person, or the skin is extra-sensitive to these hormones. Hirsutism is not a disease, but can affect one’s confidence in their appearance.
Is the unibrow coming back in style? Some people really rock this look. It’s all about personal style. The functional purpose of eyebrows is to keep sweat out of our eyes.
Ears – Clean up your ears and get that handsome, ear-hair free look.

At Caldwell Place Clinic, the following areas are available for permanent hair removal:

Items with an asterisk ( * ) are subject to “Intimate Area” pricing…see our Price List for more info.
If you have a medical skin condition exacerbated by hirsutism (excessive hair growth) and NOT skin irritation from shaving, waxing, or tweezing – a referral from a dermatologist is required.

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