Using modern technology, skilled electrologists will permanently remove unwanted hair from the face or body. This process utilizes a very fine sterile probe that is inserted into the hair follicle and a small amount of high frequency energy is applied. This procedure destroys the hair growth cells in the follicle tissue, so it can no longer produce hair, permanently. This, however, is not a one shot deal and takes several treatments.
Unwanted body hair can be hereditary, hormonal (e.g. an imbalance), the side-effect of some medications, or the result of stress
The average treatment time ranges from 20 minutes to one hour or more. The length of each appointment depends upon the amount of hair that needs to be removed. Due to factors including hair growth cycles, heredity, medical conditions, hormones, medications, and previous use of temporary hair removal methods, the number of treatments required to permanently remove hair varies with each client.
This is a common concern, so for that reason, you will need to book an assessment. This allows you to experience what treatments feel like, see how your skin reacts, and lets you learn about hair's growth cycles and its destruction. This allows you to make an informed decision.
While there are a variety of temporary hair removal methods to choose from, they all require frequent - almost constant - upkeep, and some will actually cause additional excess hair growth. You also may be contributing to additional skin irritation as well.
Yes! Some medical insurance plans cover electrolysis treatments when performed by a certified professional electrologist (CPE). Electrolysis treatments under Public Service Health Care Plans (PSHCP) is one known to me. This is the plan that provides coverage for the Canadian Military & Federal Government Employees (must be seen by a Physiologist or Psychiatrist to provide a letter for coverage to commence). Some medical plans have a "Health Care Spending" account that clients sometimes use to pay for their electrolysis treatments (Sun Life is an example). Electrolysis performed on the face only is covered on your income tax under "Medical Expenses" (must be accompanied by signed receipts provided by your certified professional electrologist.
Yes, it certainly is! Electrolysis has long been recognized by the medical profession as the only truly permanent method of hair removal. It must be noted that it takes multiple treatments to break down the hair follicle tissue. The experience, skill, & knowledge of your electrologist and the consistency of you, the client, will ensure the best permanent results.
Absolutely! This method has been proven to be safe and effective for more than 141 years. “Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal” as approved by the FDA and Medical Society.
Permanent hair removal works on all skin types, skin colours, and with hair colours including white, grey, blond, and dark hairs. Men and women of all ages receive treatment, including those who would never dream of leaving the house without tweezers in hand or shaving before they leave home. Clients gain a lot of personal time - and less stress and worry - by seeing our electrologist. Schedule your assessment and walk away with a treatment plan for beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin! You have nothing to lose....except unwanted hair!
There are no restrictions for treating pregnant women. Electrolysis has 3 varieties: electrolysis, thermolysis, and the "Blend". I recommend during pregnancy clients stick to thermolysis treatments.
Of course. We respect your privacy, and never discuss your treatments with anyone except you.
With well over a century of proven effectiveness, electrolysis is the only safe and permanent method of hair removal. Today’s electrolysis treatments remain the only process approved as "Permanent hair removal" by the Food and Drug Administration and Medical Society.

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