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Microneedling Pigment Correction

Many people, both men and women, have hyper-pigmentation which looks like patches of old “suntan” on their faces and necks.  This is very common but, thankfully, easily treated nowadays thanks to advanced treatments in microneedling. Pigment correction involves a combined in-clinic & at-home treatment plan consisting of 7 in-clinic treatments (3-4 weeks apart) along with at-home daily application of skin brightening lotion.
The Dermaroller® TWIST for pigment correction is licenced by Health Canada. There are many imitation products out there not licenced by Health Canada, so it is highly recommended you do your research to protect your health and safety.
    Brown to grey-brown patches on the face
    Sun spots that are darker than freckles, become more frequent with age and do not fade
    A common condition caused by  the over-production of melanin following inflammation or injury
Pigment Correction Microneedling FAQ
How many treatments do I need? You will need 7 consecutive treatments for optimal results.
How much does pigment correction cost? When you spread the cost of pigment correction over the number of treatments required, it costs about the same as our Boost microneedling treatments using the ReadyMedical topical healing solutions, only you get the added benefit of even skin tone.
When will I start to see results? For many people, noticeable improvement in their skin tone can be seen during the course of the treatments. Results are individual and can vary between clients. In the future as you age, you may seek out additional follow-up treatments.
How can I maintain my results? To maintain results, you will be provided with a bottle of Bright Skin Lotion to apply at home. The Bright Skin Lotion protects your treated skin and nourishes it during healing. To maximise the efficiency of the Bright Skin Lotion, it is recommended to gently needle the treated area with the Dermaroller® Home Care Roller twice per week before application of the Bright Skin Lotion.
1 Month After
2 Months After


These premium silk face masks are soaked with HA (hylauronic acid), vitamin E, and Matrixyl® (a peptide that activates the repair processes of the skin and lessens UV damage). Intensively supplies the skin with new moisture, and promotes collagen and elastin production.


  • Provides immediate and long-lasting hydration
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Calms irritated and sensitive skin
  • Promotes protein synthesis and improves skin firmness & elasticity
  • Brightens pigmented spots and promotes an even skin tone

SPF 30 CC CREAM (50 mL)

A protective day cream that simultaneously corrects the natural skin tone, hydrates dry skin, repels UV radiation, and conceals redness and other imperfections. Unique color-correcting ingredients allow you to control the desired skin tone (longer massage for darker tones).


  • Conceals redness and other skin blemishes
  • You control the level of coverage and end-tone
  • Protects from sun damage with SPF 30
  • Soothes sensitive and irritated skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • 2-in-1 product – SPF 30 day care and foundation


Reduce the signs of aging at home. Safely and easily reduce wrinkles, improve texture, and maximize absorption of the corrective ingredients in the Xcellaris Pro products.

  • Needle length – 0.2mm needles ensure optimal penetration through the top layer of the skin without causing damage to living tissue and bleeding.
  • Needle count – 162 optimally-spaced needles ensure full penetration with minimal pressure on the skin.
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel – the highest quality available.
  • Non-traumatic needles – no scratches, minimal risk of side-effects.
  • Durable – roll up to 3 times a week for up to one year.
  • Significantly enhances infusion of important nutrients.
Before your pigment correction microneedling treatment:
  • For some skin types, it is recommended 2-3 weeks prior to your first treatment to use anti-melanogenic skincare (e.g. the XcellarisPro Bright Skin lotion).
  • 2 weeks prior to your appointment, avoid fillers and Botox treatments.
  • 2 weeks prior, avoid sun exposure, tanning beds & salons.
  • 3-4 days prior to your treatment, stop using Retinol products.
  • Treatment can only be done when other medical aesthetic procedures are healed.
  • Day of appointment: come with clean face. NO makeup, sunscreen, moisturizers, oils, etc.
Microneedling Pigment Correction – Homecare Routine
(To begin 24 hours after in-clinic treatment)
Dermaroller® Skin CleanserApply to treated area thoroughly
Hyal C Serum / Hyaluronic AcidOne pump & rub into treated area
Moisturizer ACEOne pump & apply to treated area
Wait for absorption
Mineral SunscreenApply to treated area
Dermaroller® Skin CleanserApply to treated area thoroughly
Dermaroller® Home-Care RollerRoll treated area twice a week
Bright Skin LotionRub into treated area (extra on pigmented spots)
Hyal C Serum / Hyaluronic AcidOne pump & rub into treated area
Lipopeptide LotionMassage into treated area
Home-care routine after your pigment correction treatment:
  • Use your Dermaroller® Home-Care Roller twice per week on the treated area. Always rinse and clean your Dermaroller® after each use.
  • Protect the treated area from sun exposure and cover (if necessary) during the day.
Recommended products to be used during treatments:
  • XcellarisPro Bright Skin Lotion
  • Dermaroller® Skin Cleanser
  • Dermaroller® Hyal C Serum
  • Dermaroller® Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Dermaroller® Moisturizer ACE
  • Dermaroller® Moisturizer Lipopeptide + Vitamin A
  • Derma Mask
  • XcellarisPro CC Cream SPF 30
  • Dermaroller® Home-care Roller

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