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Caldwell Place Clinic was established in 1986 by Shawna L. Pratt. After over 35 years of experience, Caldwell Place Clinic remains one of the best locations in Canada for everyone to access permanent hair removal.

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You will be seen by an experienced professional in a relaxed and private setting. As an expert in permanent hair removal, I have been helping people like you, solve the problem of excess facial and body hair, since 1986. No matter the situation you face, your unwanted hair can be permanently removed. Above all, my aim is to inspire you to take this great step to change your life.


Meet Our Electrologist

Shawna Pratt

Shawna L. Pratt CPE

Certified Professional Electrologist

Shawna L. Pratt, Certified Professional Electrologist at Caldwell Place Clinic.

Electrolysis, the Only Permanent Method of Hair Removal. Shawna L. Pratt established her business in 1986.

I have 35 years of professional, hands-on experience. I have been helping Electrolysis clients have hair-free-skin and improve their self-esteem one treatment at a time.

I graduated from the Electrolysis College of Canada in 1986, and obtained my designation of CPE , Certified Professional Electrologist a few years later in 1989. I am also an active member of the Atlantic Association Of Professional Electrologist since 1986 & The Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations since 1988.

A) Dedication to meeting your Electrolysis needs and treating you with respect, consideration and courtesy.
B) Maintaining your personal privacy by keeping your treatment records secured and confidential.
C) Providing information necessary to enable you to make an informed, educated decision related to your plan of treatment.
D) Providing a timely response to your request for treatment.


I am educated and trained to recognize signs and symptoms that may need medical attention, and do not diagnose or treat any physical underlying medical conditions causing increased hair growth. For any irregular findings, you may be advised to seek professional medical advice related to my findings.

*Shawna L. Pratt receiving her 30 Year Membership Certificate

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