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Electrolysis, Thermolysis & The Blend

Electrolysis uses current to cause a galvanic chemical reaction around the hair follicle that creates lye (which is caustic) that kills the hair follicle. Thermolysis, known as short-wave, high frequency, or the “flash”, is a form of electrolysis that cauterizes and destroys the hair growth cells that line the walls of the hair follicle. The “blend” method is a mixture of galvanic electrolysis & thermolysis.
Anagen, catagen and telogen hair-growth cycles
The hair-growth cycle is important to understand when getting treatment. Your hairs are always actively growing, resting, and then shedding. In anagen (the growth stage), the hair follicle grows. As time passes, the hair proceeds to the catagen stage where it transitions into the resting stage (telogen). The hair then dries up and sheds, and leaves behind a string of cells to germinate the next new hair.
Electrolysis needs to happen during the anagen (growth) stage. With regular electrolysis treatments at the optimum anagen stage, you are certain to have the maximum kill rate of hair follicles. Each time new hairs regrow and are treated, they become finer in texture, lighter in colour, and fewer in number, allowing your treatment times to shorten and the frequency of your treatments to decrease. Finally the smooth, hair-free skin you have been waiting for arrives and is permanent!
At Caldwell Place Clinic, we make sure a customized treatment plan is in place for you with regularly scheduled treatments so that we treat your unwanted hairs during their active anagen growth stage. All probes & needles are disposable, pre-sterilized, & single use.

“Electrolysis doesn’t take time, it gives time.”

Electrolysis is gender, age, skin, and hair-colour friendly. All hair types…straight, curly, coarse, thin, blond, white, grey, light, or dark can all successfully be removed permanently.

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