Electrolysis, Thermolysis, and The Blend

The Blend


Galvanic creates a chemical reaction causing a caustic substance called Lye to form in the hair follicle and this causes a chemical destruction of your hair follicle.



Also known at short wave, high frequency or the flash is a form of cauterizing and will destroy the bulbous area and hair growth cells that line the walls of the hair follicle.

And The Blend Method:

The Blend method is a mixture of both Electrolysis (galvanic) and Thermolysis and occur at the same time within each treated hair follicle.

I like to explain that each of these methods offer permanent results, Its like two people driving an automatic car and a stick shift car.

They will reach the final destination at the same time.

Anagen, Catagen and Telogen Hair Growth Cycles

Understanding the Importance of Hair Growth Cycles

As it pertains to the Permanent Removal of Hair by Electrolysis Treatments

Most Importantly, the growth cycle is just as important as the treatment itself. Depending upon what you may  or may not done to the hair being treated. All pertinent hairs need to be removed. We make sure a treatment plan is in place in the way of regularly scheduled Electrolysis treatments so that we capture these hairs in their optimum Active Growth Stage, The Anagen Stage. 

Your hairs are always actively growing, resting and shedding and the process repeats again.

As time begins to pass these hairs proceed to the Catagen stage and transition from actively growing to the the final resting stage of hair growth know as the Telogen stage. These hairs will dry up and leave a string of cells to germinate the next new hair which will take its place.

With regular Electrolysis treatments at the optimum Anagen Growth stage you are certain to have the maximum kill rate of growing cells. Each time these hairs regrow and are treated they will become finer in texture and lighter in color and fewer and far between. Thus allowing for your treatment time to begin to shorten as well as the frequency of your treatments become less often. And finally the smooth, hair free skin you have been waiting for!

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