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Progressive Accelerated Electrolysis

An Innovative Approach

When excessive amounts of facial and body hair need permanent removal in the least amount of time, “Progressive Accelerated Electrolysis” is your best option. This requires booking treatments 1 to 4 days long, timed with your hair-growth cycle. Undertaking this yields impressive results (for example, a client who has their entire face cleared of their beard shadow) but this is a substantial financial investment and time commitment, and not to be considered lightly.
Financial planning, time management, and patience are all involved so that you can see your best results, and see your treatment plan through to the successful end. Long periods of electrolysis treatments can be difficult on you, but overall will give you a better quality of life!
At Caldwell Place Clinic, our electrolysis epilator is the latest in electrolysis equipment available on the market today. Treatment is provided by way of multiple degrees of magnification with precise epilator insertions.

Advantages of Progressive Accelerated Electrolysis

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