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All Electrolysis, Thermocoagulation or Vascular Blemish Removal must begin with freshly cleansed skin.  Arriving with “Naked Skin ” free of skin care products and makeups whenever possible saves your time for the actual treatment and not the cleansing process. We may provide you a cleanser and ask you to remove your skin care or  makeup prior to treatment. Some products make the skin to oily to work on which causes a reaction on its own, by doing so so will help to reduce/ minimize/prevent adverse skin irritation or pustules.

The need for exfoliating is a crucial part pre electrolysis treatments. It removes the dry particles of skin around the mouth of the follicle thus enabling the ease of inserting the needle into the follicle. By not having skin in peak condition causes the electrologist to fuss with removing the particles and adding time and additional trauma to the treatment area.

Protection is an integral part of Electrolysis, Thermocoagulation or Vascular Blemish, Removal. Treatments cause a certain amount of trauma to the skin. Always wear a high SPF preferable 30 to 50 or above. Your skin will burn faster than it would have before a treatment. Permanent scarring could happen from a sunburn after treatments. Hyper pigmentation(darkening of the skin) or Hypo (whitening of the skin ) can also easily happen and are permanent result of over sun exposure. We also cannot treat you if you arrive with a sunburn this is considered a missed opportunity for us and your regular fee applies may belong written elsewhere

Being well hydrated and moisturized is what maintains the skin’s optimal health and texture. Our skin is our largest organ of our body and can sometimes be the most overlooked for care.

Fact: If you are not properly hydrated this will have a negative affect on the treatment and healing process.

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