With over +35 years, we are one of Atlantic Canada’s leading experts in electrolysis.

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Caldwell Place Clinic is a skin-care centre specializing in permanent hair removal. Other medical aesthetic treatments we offer at our clinic include microneedling, thermocoagulation, cryotherapy, hair & scalp treatments, and pigment correction.  We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and a caring approach that gives you the smooth, beautiful skin you desire, and to look and feel your best.
Permanent Hair Removal
Electrolysis is the best, time-proven method for permanent hair removal.
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Also known as Vascular Blemish Removal.
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Progressive Accelerated
Innovative electrolysis approach for heavier hair, beard shadow, & body hair.
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Intimate Treatment Areas
Specialised treatment for below the waist and other intimate areas.
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Microneedling “Classic”
Very fine needles to induce collagen production in your skin.
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Microneedling “Boost”
Four unique ReadyMedical solutions: Anti-aging, Acne, Skin Healing, & Antioxidant.
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Hair & Scalp Microneedling
Combat male/female pattern baldness, patchy baldness, & stress-induced hair loss.
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Pigment Correction
Get rid of sun spots and areas of hyper-pigmentation.
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Cryotherapy / FreezPen
The gold standard in removing warts, skin tags, & small to large skin lesions.
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Mornings, Evenings, & Weekends
With a wide variety of time-slots, we can accommodate your busy schedule!
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Who we are

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We are dedicated to providing the excellent service and caring approach that gives you the smooth, beautiful skin you desire. We understand how important it is for you to look and feel your best.
35+ years of electrolysis practical clinic experience.
Obtained the designation of CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) after having passed Canada’s written and practical national exam.
The absolute latest equipment and technology industry has to offer in all our services.

Some health insurance plans offer coverage when treatments are performed by a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) – be sure to check with your provider.

Our equipment is licenced by Health Canada (not all clinics can say this).

Our clinic and clinicians are in good standing with provincial & federal professional associations.


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