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The following are some helpful definitions to help clarify any questions you may have

Often presents with a heavy course growth of facial and body hair. The hairs we remove will be permanently gone, although we cannot stop the body from producing new hairs. Our bodies are covered with billions of vellus hairs and with regular schedule clean this allows you to stay on top of new growth thus not allowing it to become overwhelming and course as your busy life continues. We catch them before they are an issue again.

Doesn’t happen to everyone with each of their pregnancies. Typically after the birth of a child the pregnancy hairs with go away as long as they haven’t been tampered with. If you are breast feeding your body tends to hang on to them until you finish with your breast feeding. Either way not always do they all go away. Patience is a virtue… and we can address removing what remains behind permanently.

Hirsutism is usually caused by a group of hormones called androgens. Either more androgens are being produced than are present in the average person, or the skin is excessively sensitive to these hormones. Hirsutism may be a major cosmetic and psychological problem, but it is not a disease

Can still be with in normal ranges and still influence hair growth you do not wish to have. We can successfully permanently remove all these hairs. However our bodies are still covered with billions of new vellus hairs and can and will most likely be influenced to make these hairs grow. Regularly scheduled follow up treatments will permanently remove these hairs and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with unwanted, unsightly hair. We are not Doctors and we will often advise you to see your family doctor for a thorough physical and for a referral to an Endocrinologist for a thorough blood work up.

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Athletes choose to have permanent hair removal to increase their speed and to end the problems associated with temporary hair removal methods of ingrown hairs, acne etc.

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