Shawna Pratt, Entrepreneur

Shawna Pratt
Shawna L. Pratt Entrepreneur

Specialty: Certified Professional Electrologist an Innovative Leading Expert in the field of Permanent Hair Removal

Degrees: Obtained the Designation *Certified Professional Electrologist* upon successfully completion of a written and practical exam. Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations ( FCEA ) is the ONLY Association in Canada able to Award The Canadian Recognized CPE Certification.

Expertise: Electrolysis Thermolysis and The Blend. Progressive Accelerated Electrolysis Treatments. Thermocoagulation – Vascular Blemish Removal (VBR ) & Skin Care.

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Caldwell Place Clinic – Electrolysis, the only permanent method of hair removal. Shawna L. Pratt established her practice in 1986. As an owner and Certified Professional Electrologist, Shawna has 35+ years of professional, hands-on experience. Shawna have been helping women, men, youth and gender diverse electrolysis clients move through their journey to smoother, hair-free-skin and improved confidence and self-esteem one treatment at a time.

To compliment the work Shawna does (whether it is electrolysis breast hair removal,  electrolysis hair removal on face, full body electrolysis, or electrolysis for chin hair) in removing unwanted facial and body hair, she can help you to achieve optimum skin conditioning which means she is in a position to work with you on improving the look of your skin your total sense of personal wellness.

Shawna is a Graduate of the Electrolysis College of Canada in 1986, and obtained my designation of CPE a few years later.

Shawna is educated and trained to recognize signs and symptoms that may need medical attention, and do not diagnose or treat any physical underlying medical conditions causing increased hair growth. For any irregular findings, you may be advised to seek professional medical advice related to my findings. 

*Shawna L. Pratt receiving her 30 Year Membership Certificate

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